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Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 27

1. Who Is The Last Born And The First To Die Poet ?

A) Boccaccio

B) John Keats

C) Plato

D) Aristotle

2. Hellas means ?

A) Wordsworth

B)  Toys

C) Man

D) Greek life

3. Who is leading a heifer ?

A) Priest

B) Moss

C) Hogg

D) Clouds

4. Which confers immortal no love and beauty ?

A)  Beauty

B)  love

C) Art

D) sadly

5. Autumn is the season of ?

A) Bounty

B)  Evening

C) morning

D) day

6.  The apple trees covered with ?

A) Godwin

B) Donais

C) Keats

D) Moss

67. Which bloom more in this season ?

A) Flowers

B)  Rose

C)  Lucy

D) girl

8.  Autumn is seen in various forms on ?

A)  Spring

B) Autumn

C) West wind

D) Fields

9. Ode To Autumn was written in ?

A) 1819

B) 1919

C) 1719

D) 1619

10.  Who is the university friends of Shelley ?

 A) Tom

B)  Sprit

C)  Hogg

D) Beds

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