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Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 28

1. Shelly became intimate with ?

(A) Master

(B) Servant

(C) Clerk

(D) Godwin

2. Which is the elegy of Shelley ?

(A) Love

(B) Adonais

(C) Courage

(D) Truth

3. Adonais was written on the death of ?

(A) Boccaccio

(B) Keats

(C) Taso

(D) Aristotle

4. The surface of the west wind covered with ?

(A) Reed

(B) Bird

(C) Cloud

(D) Dus

5. Which is the sad song of the year ?

(A) West wind

(B) Bridegroom

(C) Time

(D) Urn

6. The wind carries seeds to ?

a. Beds

c.  A clerk

a  friar

d.  A sergeant

7. Which has put him in chains ?Time

(A) Life

(B) Bird

(C)  Time

(D) Daining

8.  Prelude was published in ?

(A) 1870

(B) 1850

(C)  1980

(D) 1580

9. Which Makes The Original Poorer ?

(A)  Revisions

 (B) Revision

(C) Rvisions

 (D) Visions

10. The fits book is ?

(A) Summer Vocation

(B) Childhood

(C) Days In London

 (D) None

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