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Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 26

1.  Dejection can be compared with ? Immortal ode

A) Immortal Ode

B)  Elegy

C)  Epic

D) Pastoral Elegy

2.  The western sky has a tint of ?

A)  Black

B)  White

C) Orange

D) Yellow

3. Beauty comes from ?

A)  Life

B) Soul

C) Beauty

D) Love

4.  The poet turns to ?

A) Wind

 B) Air

C) One

D) House

5. Who Transforms All The Fears Of The Poet In To Hopes ?

A) The Joy

 B) Sad

C)  Poor

D) Fever

6. Who Is The Kubla Khan?

A)  Alph

B)  Moose

C) A Tart King

D) Spirit

7. Which Is The Scared River ?

A)  Ganga

B) Alph

C)  Yamani

D) Kavery

9.  The Damsel Was A ------Maid?

A)  Asyssinian

B)  Asysinian

C) Syssinian

D) Assin

10. The Urn Tells The Story Of ?

A)  God

B)  Human

C)  Life

D)  Greek

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