Saturday, April 22, 2023

Many of these states have unique nicknames or sobriquets that are often used to refer to them. Some of the well-known nicknames of Indian states:

( Based on PYQ THEME)

Andhra Pradesh - "Rice Bowl of India"

Arunachal Pradesh - "Land of the Rising Sun", Orchid state of India

Assam - "Gateway to the Northeast," "Tea Capital of India"

Bihar - "The Land of Buddha," "The Land of Enlightenment"

Chhattisgarh - "Rice Bowl of Central India," "Bowl of Minerals"

Goa - "Pearl of the Orient," "Rome of the East"

Gujarat - "The Land of the Legends," "Jewel of the West"

Haryana - "The Home of Rotis," "The Land of Milk and Yogurt"

Himachal Pradesh - "Devbhumi," "Land of the Gods"

Jharkhand - "The Land of Forests," "The Land of Coal"

Karnataka - "Silicon Valley of India," "Garden City of India"

Kerala - "God's Own Country," "Land of Spices"

Madhya Pradesh - "The Heart of India," "Tiger State of India"

Maharashtra - "The Land of Marathas," "Financial Capital of India"

Manipur - "Jewel of India," "Switzerland of India"

Meghalaya - "Abode of Clouds," "Scotland of the East"

Mizoram - "The Land of Blue Mountains," "Songbird of India"

Nagaland - "Falcon Capital of the World," "The Land of Festivals"

Odisha - "The Soul of India," "Land of Temples"

Punjab - "Land of Five Rivers," "Granary of India"

Rajasthan - "The Land of Kings," "Land of Colors"

Sikkim - "The Land of Mystic Beauty," "Kingdom of Flowers"

Tamil Nadu - "The Land of Tamils," "Detroit of South Asia"

Telangana - "The City of Pearls," "The Rice Bowl of India"

Tripura - "The Second Smallest State of India"

Uttar Pradesh - "The Heartland of India," "The Land of Awadh"

Uttarakhand - "Devbhumi," "Land of Gods"

West Bengal - "The Cultural Capital of India," "City of Joy" அனைத்து விதமான தகவல்களையும் உடனுக்குடன் அறிந்துகொள்ள TELEGRAM அல்லது WHATSAPP குழுவில் இணைந்து கொள்ளுங்கள்

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