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Thursday, July 22, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 15

1. literary epic is –

 A. written  

B. John Gregory

C. Elizabeth Brury

D. Samuel John

2. Which is like a metal ?

 A.  Spiritual 

B. Metaphysical

C. The Body

D. Patroctic

3. who is the common friend?

 A.  John carylly

B. wealth

C. rest 

D. Family

4. What is pantus?  

A. The wye

B. The Nile

C. The Thames  

D. Black sea

5.  Saturn moves in the space for _________nights.

 A. 12 

B. 10 

C. 5

D.  7

6.  Book-IX opens after ________

 A. Sunset

B. Sunshine  

C. Noon

D. None of these

7.  Saturn sinks with the river and rises as ________

 A.  Ashes

B. Mist

C. Water

D. Snake

8.  Who made a request of delay the labours?

A.  Adam 

B. Saturn 

C. Eve 

D. Balthazar

9.  Did Eve obey Adam?

 A.  No 

B. Yes 

C. Nor 

D. None of these

10. What is the name of young man in Belinda‘s dream?

A. Ariel 

B. Scissors 

C. Clarissa 

D. The Baron

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