Saturday, June 12, 2021

TNSET, NET, TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 02

1.    The poem has a ---setting ?

A.      Pastoral

B.      A Poem On Divine Mind

C.      Fear Of Death

D.      Hero Worship

2.    What is pantus?

A.      The wye

B.      The Nile

C.      The Thames

D.      Black sea

3.    Book of Martyrs was written by ________

 A.     Johnson 

B.      Milton 

C.      Pope 

D.      Foxe

4.    Book IX deals with ?

A.      The fall of the man

B.      ice

C.      river

D.      bank

5.    Literary epic is –

A.      written

B.      John Gregory

C.      Elizabeth Brury

D.      Samuel John

6.    Which is like a metal ?

A.      Spiritual

B.      Metaphysical

C.      The Body

D.      Patroctic

7.    who is the common friend?

A.      John carylly

B.      wealth

C.      rest

D.      family

8.    Who was the maid of Belinda ?

A.      Brtty

B.      Heroic Couplet

C.      Pastorals

D.      Limericks

9.    Which prayer was granted ?

A.      Donne

B.      Milton

C.      The first

D.      Marvel

10.    The rape of the lock is a ?

A.      an epic

B.      an ode

C.      Mock epic

D.      an elegy

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