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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 13

1. Who are canonized in this poem? 

A.  The Lovers

B. The Friends

C. God 

D. Sprites

2. The lovers are worthy of _________ 

A.  God 

B. Sprite 

C. Evil 

D. Poetry

3. Which escaped from the bodies of the lovers?

A.  Sprites  

B. Souls 

C. Naturals 

D. None of these

4. Love is not a thing of ________

A. Body 

B. Soul 

C. Blood 

D. Sprite

5. Which issue these spirits?

A. Soul 

B. Body 

C. Blood 

D. God

6. Authentic epic is ________

A. Oral 

B. Aural 

C. Dialogue

D. None of these

7. Which devours beauty ana love?

 A.  Time  

B. Date 

C. Place 

D. Minute

8. Life of Milton can be divided into ________parts.

A. 5

B. 4

C. 6

D. 3

9. Johnson‘s inheritance was __________ 

 A. 18 pounds

B. 20 pounds

C. 25 pounds

D. 23 pounds

10. Mrs. Johnson brought a fortune of __________

 A. 500 homes

B. 800 homes

C. 1000 homes

D. 700 homes 

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