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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

NEET Biology Previous year MCQ Bank With Answer Key - 03

41. Select the correct statement from the following?

(1) Mutations are random and directional
(2) Fitness is the end result of the ability to adapt and gets selected by nature
(3) Darwinian variations are small and direction less.
(4) All mammals except whales and camels have seven cervical vertebrae

42. Biological organisation starts with

(1) atomic level
(2) cellular level
(3) submicroscopic molecular level
(4) organismic level

43. ICBN stands for

(1) Indian Code of Botanical Nomenclature
(2) International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
(3) Indian Congress of Biological Names.
(4) International congress of Biological Names

44. Which of the following is not true for a species?

(1) Each species is reproductively isolated from every other species.
(2) Members of a species can interbreed.
(3) Variations occur among members of a species.
(4) Gene flow does not occur between the populations of a species.

45. Angiosperms have dominated the land flora primarily because of their

(1) nature of self pollination
(2) power of adaptability in diverse habitat
(3) domestication by man
(4) property of producing large number of seeds

46. Which one of the following aspects is an exclusive characteristic of living things?

(1) Perception of events happening in the environment and their memory
(2) Isolated metabolic reactions occur in vitro
(3) Increase in mass by accumulation of material both on surface as well as internally.
(4) Increase in mass from inside only

47. Which one of the following animals is correctly matched with its particular named taxonomic category?

(1) Humans - primata, the family
(2) Tiger - tigris, the species
(3) Housefly - musca, an order
(4) Cuttle fish - mollusca, a class

48. Which one of the following is considered important in the development of seed habit?

(1) Free -living gametophyte
(2) Heterospory
(3) Dependent sporophyte
(4) Haplontic life cycle

49. The haemoglobin of a human foetus

(1) has only 2 protein subunits instead of 4
(2) has a lower affinity for oxygen than that of the adult
(3) has a higher affinity for oxygen than that of an adult
(4) its affinity for oxygen is the same as that of an adult

50. The living organisms can be unexceptionally distinguished from the non-living things on the basis of their ability for

(1) growth and movement
(2) interaction with the environment and progressive evolution
(3) responsiveness to touch.
(4) reproduction

51. The vector for sleeping sickness is

(1) Sand fly
(2) House fly
(3) Fruit fly
(4) Tse-Tse fly

52. The causal organism for African sleeping sickness is

(1) T. tangela
(2) Trypanosoma cruzi
(3) T. gambiense
(4) T. rhodesiense

53. The common characteristics between tomato and potato will be maximum at the level of their

(1) Order
(2) Genus
(3) Division
(4) Family

54. Which one of the following is not a correct statement?

(1) Key is taxonomic aid for identification of specimens.
(2) Botanical gardens have collection of living plants for reference.
(3) Herbarium houses dried, pressed and preserved plant specimens.
(4) A museum has collection of photographs of plants and animals

55. Which one of the following organisms is scientifically correctly named, correctly printed according to the International Rules of Nomenclature and correctly described?

(1) Felis tigris - The Indian tiger, well protected in Gir forests.
(2) Musca domestica - The common house lizard, a reptile.
(3) E.coli - Full name Entamoeba coli, a commonly occurring bacterium in human intestine.
(4) Plasmodium falciparum – A protozoan pathogen causing the most serious type of malaria.

56. Lichens indicate SO2 pollution because they

(1) are sensitive to SO2
(2) show association between algae and fungi
(3) flourish in SO2 rich environment
(4) grow faster than others

57. The infective stage of malarial parasite Plasmodium that enters human body is

(1) trophozoite
(2) merozoite
(3) minuta form
(4) sporozoite

58. A bite of Tse-Tse fly may pass to humans

(1) Entamoeba histolytica
(2) Leishmania donovani
(3) Plasmodium vivax
(4) Trypanosoma gambiense

59. Malaria fever coincides with liberation of

(1) merozoites
(2) cryptomerozoites
(3) trophozoites
(4) metacryptomerozoites

60. Trypanosoma belongs to class

(1) Ciliata
(2) Sarcodina
(3) Sporozoa
(4) Zooflagellata

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