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Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 30

1. Who Gives Shelley the description windy phenomenon ?

(A) Carlyle

(B) Mary

C) St.Antony

(D) St. Loy

2. Keats has become on with ?

(A) God

(B) Life

(C) Nature

(D) Her Daughter

3.  Adonais was more dear to ?

(A) Nature

(B) Repeate

(C) None

(D) Echo

4.  Keats can claim to a height where he is free from ?

(A) Man

(B)  God

(C)  Satan

(D) Evil

5.  Who is the spirit of the English nation ?

(A) Weymouth

(B) Albion

 (C)  Frank

(D) Bronte

6.  Wuthering Heights was written by ?

(A) Keats

(B) Robert

(C) Emily Bronte

(D) Emma

7.  Isabella married ?

(A) Deen

 (B) Catherine

(C) Mimmy

(D) John Knightly

8.  Who proposes to Emma ?

(A) Elton

(B) Edgar

(C) Oberon

(D) Pony

9.  Which element gives pleasure in poetry ?

(A) Meter

 (B) Rhythm

(C) Song

(D) Poem

10. Collection of poems is called ?

(A) Lyrical Ballads

(B) Love Poem

(C) Elegy

(D) Nature

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