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Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 29

1. The season of the poem ?

(A) Spring

(B) Morning

(C)  Dwan

(D) Autumn

2.  The Time Of The Poem ?

(A) Night

(B) Evening

(C) Morning

(D) At Present

3. Before words worth who made mystic note? Shakespeare

(A)  Shakespeare

 (B) Keats

(C) Shelley

(D) Words Worth

4. The Pack of cards looked like ?

(A) Police

(B) Teacher

(C) An Army

(D) Doctor

5. Wordsworth stole ----in a trap ?

(A) Song

(B) Arows

(C) Nature

(D) Bird

6.  Who is the son of shelley ?

(A) Williams

(B) Shelley

(C) Keats

(D) Words Worth

7.  The title of the volume is suggested by ?

(A) Puppy

(B) Dog

(C) Hogg

(D) Pulley

8. Shelley developed his passion for reforming the world ?

(A) School

 (B) University

(C) Latin

(D) Oxford

9. Adonais is written on the earth ?

(A) shelley

(B) John keats

(C) Words Worth

(D) T.s Eliot

10. Who Has Called Shelley as time almost a black guard?

(A) T.s Eliot

(B) John Wyclif

(C) William Tyndale

(D) Algeria

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