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Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 25

1.  When did he see the Divine Glory?

A)  No

B)  Childhood

C) His Wife

D) Young

2. The child is playing with ?

A) Friends

B) Toys

C) Mother

D) Lony

3. which is the simple nurse ?

A)  Soul

B) Sun

C) Earth

D) Moon

4.  Which repeats the loss?

A)  None

B)  Pansies

C) Friends

D) Life

5. words worth was a ?

A) Nature

B) Poets

C) Writer

D) Pantheist

6.  What is the religion of words worth ?

A)  Nature

B)  God

C) Belief

D) Mother

7.  Who is the sister of wordsworth ?

A) Dorothy

B) Toys

C) Kaviya

D) Lucy

8.  Words worth visited Tintern secod time in ?

A) 1798

B)  1896

C) 1989

D) 2001

9. Which Is The Last Good Poem Of Coleridge ?

A) Tintern Abby

B) Dejection

C) Ode To Things

D) My Life

10. The Poem Is Based Upon 

A. Fashion 

B. Morality 

C. paradox

D)  None of these

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