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Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 21

1.  Who is the highest priest of Nature?

A) Youth

B) child

C)  old

D) None of these

2.  Recluse has _______parts.

A)  5

B)  9

C)  3

D)  6

3.  Who feels a kind of vaccum?

A) Narrator

B) Poet

C)  Protagonist

D) Antagonist

4.  Wordsworth visited Tintern second time in __________

A) 1793

B) 1797

 C) 1796

D) 1798

5.  Wordsworth was a _________

A) Wye

B)  Lover

C) Pantheist

D) Nature

6.  After __________ years wordsworth visited Tintern Abbey second time.

A)  5

B)  2

C)  4

D)  3

7.  Dejection is the ___________of Colerodge

A)  Sad Song

B)  Swan Song

C)  Wedding Song

D)  None of these

8.  The western sky has a tint of _________

A) Blue

B) Green

C) Red

D)  Yellow

9.  Kubla Khan wants to construct the palace in ________

A)  Palace

B)  Temple

C)  Garden

D) Ice House

10. The urn tells the story of _______

A)  Greek

B) France

C) Italy

D)  England

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