Saturday, September 11, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 20

1. Dr. Johnson helped goldsmith with ? 

A. Fainall

B. Guinea  

C. Mrs. Millament

D. Mrs. Marwood

2. The prologue is acted by ?

A. Marlow 

B. Hastings  

C. Tony 

D. Woodward

3. Tony was born to her by

A. Latin

B. Mr.Lumpkin

C. English 

D. German

4. What is the first comedy of Congreve? 

 A. Jenny Jones

B. Old bachelor

C. Sophia

D. Harriet

5. Who is the father of English novel ?

 A. Nancy 

B. Fielding

C. Sophia 

D. Jones

6. Tom and Sophia go to -------

A. Latin 

B. London 

C. English 

D. German

7. Which of the symbol of baptism ? 

 A. Nancy 

B. Bridget 

C. Sophia 

D. Bath

8. Charles sold the family picture for 

 A. 300 pounds

B. 200 pounds  

C. 600 pounds  

D. free

9. What is the first section of the poem ?

 A.  Prologos

B. Bridget 

C.  chorus 

D. parados

10. Who is Harapha ?

A.  Giant

B.  wife 

C.  life 

D. none 

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