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Monday, September 27, 2021


1. A universal logic gate is one, which can be used to generate any logic function. Which of the following is

a universal logic gate?

A.  OR




2. The logic 0 level of a CMOS logic device is approximately

A.  1.2 volts

B.  0.4 volts

C.  5 volts

D.  0 volts

3. Karnaugh map is used for the purpose of

A.  Reducing the electronic circuits used.

B.  To map the given Boolean logic function.

C.  To minimize the terms in a Boolean expression.

D.  To maximize the terms of a given a Boolean expression.

4. A full adder logic circuit will have

A.  Two inputs and one output.

B.  Three inputs and three outputs.

C.  Two inputs and two outputs.

D.  Three inputs and two outputs.

5. An eight stage ripple counter uses a flip-flop with propagation delay of 75 nanoseconds. The pulse width of the strobe is 50ns. The frequency of the input signal which can be used for proper operation of the counter is approximately

A.  1 MHz.

B.  500 MHz.

C.  2 MHz.

D.  4 MHz.

6. The output of a JK flipflop with asynchronous preset and clear inputs is ‘1’. The output can be changed to ‘0’ with one of the following conditions.

A.  By applying J = 0, K = 0 and using a clock.

B.  By applying J = 1, K = 0 and using the clock.

C.  By applying J = 1, K = 1 and using the clock.

D.  By applying a synchronous preset input.

7. The information in ROM is stored

A.  By the user any number of times.

B.  By the manufacturer during fabrication of the device.

C.  By the user using ultraviolet light.

D.  By the user once and only once.

8. The conversation speed of an analog to digital converter is maximum with the following technique.

A.  Dual slope AD converter.

B.  Serial comparator AD converter.

C.  Successive approximation AD converter.

D.  Parallel comparator AD converter.

9. A weighted resistor digital to analog converter using N bits requires a total of

A.  N precision resistors.

B.  2N precision resistors.

C.  N + 1 precision resistors.

D.  N – 1 precision resistors.

10. The binary number 10101 is equivalent to decimal number ...

A.  19

B.  12

C.  27

D.  21

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