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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 19

1. Lady wishfort is a woman of ?

 A. 56 

B. 46 

C.  66

D. 36

2. Congreve had an association with ?

 A. Marlow 

B. Dryden 

C. Tony

D.  Sir Charles Marlow

3. The way of the world is a----

 A. Romantic comedy  

B. Farcial comedy

 C. comedy of manners

D. Antisentimental comedy

4. Who stole the casket?

 A. Pamela 

B. Joseph Andrews

C. Tony 

D. Don Quixote

5. Who is the chief of the servant?

 A. Diggory

B. Lady Wishfort

C. Mrs. Millament

D. Mrs. Marwood

6. Goldsmith died of ?

 A. Fever 

B.  cold 

C.  could 

D. all

7. Goldsmith spent this Guinea on ?

 A. His Drink

B. Lady Wishfort

C. Mrs. Millament

D. Mrs. Marwood

8. Who is the veterinary Surgeon ?

 A. Jenny Jones

B. Mrs. Bridget

C. Sophia 

D. Jack Slong

9. The poem has a ---setting ?

A. Pastoral  

B. A Poem On Divine Mind

C. Fear Of Death  

D. Hero Worship

10. Who is lover of Neville?

A. Hastings

B. Mr/Mrs.Hastings

C. Mrs. Millament  

D. Mrs. Marwood 

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