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Monday, July 26, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 17

1. This pulley hoists man upwards to ___________

 A. Man 

B. Evil 

C. God 

D. sprite

2. Who go to sea?

A. Tom 

B. Joseph Andrews  

C. Amelia

D. Don Quixote

3. Tom jones has ------book?

A. 18 

B. 19 

C.  20

D. 22

4. The name Sophia means ?

A.  wisdom 

B. Novel 

C. Drama 

D. Poetry

5. Tom jones deals with in the third ?

A. Nancy 

B. The city 

C. Sophia 

D. Jones

6. Who did die by the snake poison ?

A. Cleopatra

B. Fainall 

C. Waitwell

D. Foible

7. Who is the eunuch of Cleopatra ?

A. Alexas

B. Antony 

C. Iras and Charmion

D. Alexas and Antony

8. All for love is dedicated to ?

A. Blank verse

B. Earl Of Derby

C. Heroic couplet

D. Allegory

9. Who is the hero of the play?

A. Action 

B. Mark Antony

C. Thought 

D. Comedy

10. Antony has ---------children by

A. Octavia 

B. Othello 

C. Ferdinand

D. Octavius

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