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Friday, July 23, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 16

1. Who has cut the curl of Arabella? 

 A.  Lord King

B. Lord Christ

C. Lord The Baron

D. Lord Petre

2. Who gave the scissors to the Lord Petre? 

 A.  Sprite 

B. Clarissa

C. Ariel 

D. The Baron

3. Pope was a poet of _________

A.  Society

B. Satiric

C. Classical

D. Historical

4. Who is the close friend of Pope?

 A.  Johnson

B. Milton 

C. Swift 

D. Wordswoth

5. Agonistes is a ___________ word.

A. Italian 

B. Greek 

C. French 

D. Dutch

6. Parados is an __________

 A.  Beside

B. Narrow 

C. Cross 

D. Aside

7.  Samson is in the prison of __________ 

 A. Kommos

B. Philistines

C. Gaza 

D. Manoa

8.  Shimshon means __________

 A.  Sunlight

B. Daylight

C. Moonlight

D. None of these

9. Herbert sent to his mother two sonnets at the age of ________  A. 18 

B. 16 

C. 20 

D. 15

10. Herbert was ordained as ________ 

 A. Writer 

B. Story Teller

C. Critic 

D. Priest

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