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Sunday, May 30, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 12

1. Herbert was ordained as ?

A. priest  

B. Phoenix 

C.  Griffin 

D. Sphinix

2. Afflication has ----------stages?

A.  5

B.  4

C.  3

D.  7

3. Which makes man to think about god?

A. Philistines

B. Phoenicians  

C. Want of rest

D. Sytians

4. What is the first blessing?

A.  Strength  

B. Heroic Couplet

C. Pastorals

D. Limericks

5. Which words is used in different senses ?

 A. Ode on Dejection

B. Ode to Nativity

 C. rest  

D. Ode to solitude

6. Syllogism is a form of ?

A. reasoning

B. Lovers 

C. ascetics 

D. None of these

7. To his coy mistress has -------phases ? 

A. 5

B. 2

C.  3

D. 1

8. Who remain Coy ?

A. Miss Hardcastle

B. Neville 

C. the lady

D. Marwood

9. The poem is based upon __________ 

A. Disease 

B. Paradox

C. Allegory

D. None of these

10. Donne was busy writing verses for _________

A. Keats 

B. Shelly 

C. Ben Jonson

D. Byron

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