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Sunday, May 30, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 11

1. Who was the maid of Belinda ? 

 A. Brtty

B. Heroic Couplet

C. Pastorals

D. Limericks

2. Which prayer was granted ? 

 A. Donne

B. Milton

C. The first

D. Marvel

3. The rape of the lock is a ? 

 A.  an epic

B. an ode

C. Mock epic

D. an elegy

4.  who is the close friend of pope ? 

 A. Andrew Marvell

B. Herbert Grierson

 C. Thomas Carew

D. swift 

5. Parados is an?

 A.  truth  

B. love

C. hope 

D. Aside

6. Samson laments on the loss of ? 

 A. sight

B. simile

C. Pulley 

D. allegory

7. Who is the father of Samson ? 

 A. Marvell  

B. Manoa 

 C. Nicholas Ferrar

D. William Blake

8.  Ode to evening is written by  ?

A.  Tory  

B. Whig

C. William Collins

D. Protestent

9.  The lamb is written by ?

A. William black

B. John Gregory

C. Elizabeth Brury

D. Samuel John son

10. The bard is written by ?

A. Thames 

B. Ganga 

C. Tigris

D.Thomas gray

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