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Friday, May 28, 2021

PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material – 10

1. Which of the following plays by Stoppard is about intellectual gymnastics?

A. Jumpers

B. Travesties

C. If you‘re Glad I‘ll be Frank

D. The Real Inspector Hound

2. Stoppard‘s Arcadia contrasts his own time with

A. Sidney‘s time

B. Chaucer‘s time

C. Burton‘s time

D. Byron’s time

3. In which of the following plays of Edward Bond is Shakespeare the hero? 

A. The Pope‘s wedding 

B. Bingo

C. Narrow Road to the Deep North

D. Saved

4.  Cyril Churchill is a contemporary of

A. G.B. Shaw

B. Tom Stoppard

C. Lord Byron

D. Robert Burns

5. Cloud Nine and Top Girls by Cyril Churchill are

A. Novels of science fiction

B. Plays about gender politics

C. Poems of children 

D. Stories in Gothic style

6.  Sylvia plath was married to

A. Tom Gunn

B. Tom Stoppard 

C. Ted Hughes

D. Ted Pole

7. Who among the following is called the poet of animals?

A. Philip Larkin  

B. Walt Whitman

C. Ted Hughes

D. Tom Gunn

8. The Thought Fox is a

A. Play by Stoppard

B. Poem by Ted Hughes

C. Screen play by Pinter 

D. Sonnet by Tom Gunn

9.  Ted Hughes‘s Birthday Letters 1998 is a

A. Collection of letters to his wife

B. Confessional novel about his wife‘s suicide

C. Sequence of poems about his relationship with his wife

10. Which of the following volumes of poems by Seamus Heaney is his last?

A. Death of a Naturalist

B. Door into the Dark 

C. Wintering Out  

D. The Spirit Level

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